Monday, March 30, 2009

Josh Podoll Tees

Hand Screened Tees by Josh Podoll. $70

Josh Podoll Wovens

Josh Podoll Wovens. $175

Band of Outsiders Jacket and Pant

Shawl Grosgrain Collar Cotton. Martin Greenfield. $1750
Suit Separate Pant. Grey Pinstripe. Martin Greenfield. $450

Band Of Outsider Suit

Schoolboy Blazer. Taping Grey Pinstripe. Martin Greenfield. $1590.
Suit Separate Pant Grey Pinstripe. Martin Greenfield. $450

Band of Outsiders Suit

Notch Lapel Suit Linen Houndstooth. Martin Greenfield. $1950

Mark Your Calendar

We are always looking for an excuse to get together bbq and drink a little. So this Thursday why don't you join us down at the shop for some burgers, cheap beer and a few laughs. We are kicking off summer hours and think the best way to do it is with a slacker film from the 80's. Looking forward to seeing you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something To Look Forward To

Italy Seems Nice

So I'm just getting ready to close up shop and head over to a new Italian joint for dinner with a friend. I started thinking about things Italians do well. I remembered this then decided I can stop...this is good enough. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh P-Jay

We've been lucky enough to have hangtags painted by our good friend P-Jay Fidler. Our favorite artist and after taking a look around his site hopefully one of yours too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oasis Monday

Band of Outsiders Suits Have Arrived

More Pictures tomorrow. 

The Best $10 Spent

Unless you're starving there is no better way to spend $10. A 3 pack of 48 page graph journals from our pals over at field notes. Write it down to remember it now. Proudly made in the USA. In Stock. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Crate Goods and Measurements

Crate Chambray $105
Crate Route Selvedge $150

We've had a lot of requests for measurements on the Chambray Shirt. they are

Shoulder to Shoulder - 18
Pit to Pit - 20
Sleeve Length - 26
Length - 29

Shoulder to Shoulder - 19
Pit to Pit - 21.5
Sleeve Length - 26.25
Length - 30

Shoulder to Shoulder - 20.5
Pit to Pit - 22
Sleeve Length - 26.5
Length - 30

Shoulder to Shoulder - 22
Pit to Pit - 23.5
Sleeve Length - 27
Length - 31

Satudays Are For Smiles. Have A Good Weekend

Band of Outsiders Spring Looks. Looks Good.

Band of Outsiders Black Coast Guard Jacket $490
Band of Outsiders Yellow Coast Guard Jacket $490
Band of Outsiders Madras Coast Guard Jacket $465
Band of Outsiders Ties $125

Band of Outsiders Cardigan $450
Band of Outsiders Tie $125
Band of Outsiders Grey Batiste $225

Band of Outsiders Pink Over-Dyed S/S $192
Crate James Non-Selvedge $135
Band of Outsiders Black Gingham Check $225

Band of Outsiders Chambray Voille Shirt $280
Band of Outsiders Red / Grey Oxford $260

Band of Outsiders Red Pencil Stripe $295
Band of Outsiders Blue Over-dyed Batiste $225
Band of Outsider L/S Shirt $225
Band of Outsiders Yellow Gingham $225